Talks Lectures Labs

Keynote Speakers

Marine Carpuat (National Research Council Canada) - Domain Adaptation in MT
Francisco Casacuberta (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) - Interactive MT
Joao Graca (Unbabel) - Crowdsourcing for MT
Bruno Pouliquen (World Intellectual Property Organization) - Patent translation
Marco Trombetti ( - CAT tool


Marcello Federico (FBK) - Hierachical and Syntactic Models
Mark Fishel (University of Zurich) - Word alignment
Ulrich Germann (University of Edinburgh) - Phrase based model
Kenneth Heafield (Bloomberg, New York) - Language modelling
Sharon O'Brien (Dublin City University) - Post-editing
Maja Popovic (DFKI) - MT evaluation, QE
Holger Schwenk (Université du Maine) - Deep Learning for MT
Marco Turchi (FBK) - Introduction to MT
Bonnie Webber (University of Edinburgh) - Discourse in SMT
Philip Williams (University of Edinburgh) - Morphology in SMT

Labs and Tutorials

Wilker Aziz (University of Sheffield) - Decoding for SMT
L. Bentivogli, C. Girardi, M. Negri, D. Torregrosa Rivero, M. Turchi (FBK) -
Humans in the Loop for MT Improvement: a Hands-on Experience with Manual Error Annotation
Matt Post (Johns Hopkins University) - Czech Inflection Prediction
Aleš Tamchyna (University of Prague) - Experimenting in MT: Moses Toolkit and Eman

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