Events And Other Excursions


We are happy to announce that we are organizing two excursions for the afternoon of Thursday the 11th. Choose the one that best fits you and join us for an afternoon enjoying nature in Trentino!

Please note that the two excursions proposed are not to be considered within the activity of MTM2014.
Fondazione Bruno Kessler is therefore released from any responsibility related to such events.

1. Mountain hiking

This is a demanding excursion, for fit people. In order to participate, it is mandatory to wear hiking boots and clothes appropriate for mountain hiking. The walk we propose has a climb of 700 meters and will last approximately 4 hours.
As we will take care of driving you to the beginning of the path (the drive will last about 30 minutes), we are able to accept a maximum of 20 participants.
If you are interested to join us in this beautiful hike, please send an email to with your request.

2. Lake Caldonazzo

We will reach Calceranica al Lago, on the beautiful Lake Caldonazzo, by train (20 minutes from the conference venue) at the cost of about 6 euros (round trip). Once there, we will have the chance to take a walk or relax while sunbathing on the banks of the lake. And if you want to take a dip, don't forget to bring your bathing suit!
Calceranica will also offer us the chance to eat dinner in one of the many pizzerie and restaurants directly on the lake (notice that the last train leaves at 10.52 PM).

Train schedule (also available on Trenitalia)
Note that on Monday and on Tuesday trains will be substituted by buses.
12.21 - 12.40
13.21 - 13.40
13.51 - 14.10
14.21 - 14.40
18.52 - 19.11 - (Trento 19.28)
19.52 - 20.11 - (Trento 20.28)
20.22 - 20.41 - (Trento 20.28)
20.52 - 21.11 - (Trento 21.28)
21.52 - 22.11 - (Trento 22.28)
22.52 - 23.11 - (Trento 23.28)

Restaurants and Pizzerias
Ristorante Al Pescatore (info in English)
Ristorante Europa (info in English)
Ristorante Pizzeria Riviera (info in English)
Ristorante Alle Barche
Vital Bar


Besides the excursions with the local organizers, you should also enjoy the city of Trento and the surrounding area on your own. Here are our tips.




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