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Mailing Lists

Join these mailing lists for up-to-date information on Moses:

    moses-support (archives)
        * all your questions answered here. Has become a very useful 
          repository of information on the Moses toolkit and SMT
        * announcements of new releases. Also announced to moses-support
        * automatic email of commits to git code repository

If you have a question, please email in the first instance. To prevent spam, you must join the mailing list before you can email to it.

and if you get no joy, bug one of these people:

  • Philipp Koehn (University of Edinburgh, Scotland), lecturer. Any phrase-based decoding and SMT questions.
  • Marcello Federico (ITC irst, Italy), senior researcher. Any questions on IRST language model
  • Hieu Hoang (University of Edinburgh, Scotland), graduate student. General queries/ flames on Moses. Doing stuff on async factored translation, so anything on that as well

Other knowledgeable people:

  • Wade Shen (MIT Lincoln Labs, USA), senior researcher
  • Nicola Bertoldi (ITC irst, Italy), postdoc
  • Chris Callison-Burch (University of Edinburgh, Scotland), graduate student extraordinaire
  • Brooke Cowan (MIT, USA), graduate student
  • Ondrej Bojar (Charles University, Czech Republic), graduate student
  • Richard Zens (RWTH Aachen, Germany), graduate student
  • Chris Dyer (University of Maryland, USA), graduate student
  • Alexandra Constantin (Williams College, USA), undergraduate student
  • Evan Herbst (Cornell University, USA), undergraduate student
  • Christine Moran (MIT, USA), undergraduate student
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