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Mailing Lists

Join these mailing lists for up-to-date information on Moses:

If you have a question, please search the documentation and mailing list archives first. If you do not find an answer, then email To prevent spam, you MUST join the mailing list before you can email to it.

For hardcore developers, you can subscribe to the commits mailing list to see all the git commits to the repository. Do NOT email this list asking questions. You will be unsubscribed if you do.

Build Issues

If you're having trouble building Moses, first read BUILD-INSTRUCTIONS.txt. Append

  -d2 --debug-configuration

to your build command. Include the full command in your e-mail and attach the full output. For example, if you're having trouble with


Then you should run

   ./bjam -d2 --debug-configuration >build.log

and attach build.log to your e-mail. Otherwise, we may have insufficient information to answer your mail.

Language model lists

If you have a question about one of the external language model toolkits, please contact the IRSTLM mailing list or SRILM mailing list directly.

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