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Weekly Meeting

During Spring 2023, we meet on Mondays at 11:00am in Hackerman 306.

Looking for a paper to present? see here

Zoom link: https://wse.zoom.us/j/7337865238

Spring 2024

April 22-Research updates
April 15Rachel et al.Research updates and Mamba
April 8 Solar eclipse (no meeting)
April 1Niyati BafnaDecoMT: Decomposed Prompting for Machine Translation Between Related Languages using Large Language Models (Pudupully et al., 2023) (EMNLP) , DEMOCRATIZING LLMS FOR LOW-RESOURCE LANGUAGES BY LEVERAGING THEIR ENGLISH DOMINANT ABILITIES WITH LINGUISTICALLY-DIVERSE PROMPTS (Nguyen et al., 2023) (arXiv)
March 25Chutong MengHire a Linguist!: Learning Endangered Languages with In-Context Linguistic Descriptions (Zhang et al., 2024) (arXiv)
March 18 Spring break (no meeting)
March 11Xuan ZhangCLIPTrans: Transferring Visual Knowledge with Pre-trained Models for Multimodal Machine Translation (Gupta et al., 2023) (ICCV)
March 4Henry Li XinyuanOn Adversarial Examples for Character-Level Neural Machine Translation (Ebrahimi et al., 2018) (COLING) and AutoDAN: Automatic and Interpretable Adversarial Attacks against Large Language Models (Wen et al. 2024) (Rejected from ICLR)
February 26Bismarck OdoomAV2AV: Direct Audio-Visual Speech to Audio-Visual Speech Translation with Unified Audio-Visual Speech Representation (Choi et al., 2023) (arXiv)
February 19Neha VermaRevisiting Locality Sensitive Hashing for Vocabulary Selection in Fast Neural Machine Translation (Hoang et al., 2022) (WMT)
February 12Steven TanCurrent work: Streaming Sequence Transduction through Dynamic Compression
February 5Nate RobinsonTARJAMAT: Evaluation of Bard and ChatGPT on Machine Translation of Ten Arabic Varieties (Kadaoui et al., 2023) (ArabicNLP)
January 29Rachel WicksUnderstanding and Detection Hallucinations in Neural Machine Translation with Model Introspection (Xu et al. 2023) (TACL)
January 22IntroductionsSpring sign up and introductions

Fall 2023

December 4Rachel Wicks, then Haoyue GuanWMT Practice Talk, then Machine Translation between Spoken Languages and Signed Languages Represented in SignWriting (EACL 2023) [https://aclanthology.org/2023.findings-eacl.127]
November 27Ashi GargIncorporating Probing Signals Into Multimodal Machine Translation via Visual Question-Answering Pairs (Arxiv 2023) [https://arxiv.org/pdf/2310.17133.pdf]
November 20 Fall Recess (no meeting)
November 13Liz SaleskyLocal Byte Fusion for Neural Machine Translation (ACL 2023) https://aclanthology.org/2023.acl-long.397/
November 6Nate RobinsonLego-MT https://arxiv.org/pdf/2212.10551.pdf
October 30Amir HusseinSeamlessM4T https://ai.meta.com/research/publications/seamlessm4t-massively-multilingual-multimodal-machine-translation
October 23Niyati BafnaWhen Does Translation Require Context? A Data-driven, Multilingual Exploration https://aclanthology.org/N18-1032.pdf
October 16Zike HuLin et al. (ACL 2021)Learning Language Specific Sub-network for Multilingual Machine Translation
October 9Steven TanRubenstein et al. (Arxiv 2023) AudioPaLM: A Large Language Model That Can Speak and Listen Borsos et al. (Arxiv 2023) AudioLM: a Language Modeling Approach to Audio Generation
October 2Bismarck OdoomDong et al. (Arxiv 2023) PolyVoice: Language Models for Speech to Speech Translation
September 25Chutong MengZhang et al. (Findings of ACL 2023) DUB: Discrete Unit Back-translation for Speech Translation
September 18Tianjian LiJi et al. (ICLR 2023) Tailoring Language Generation Models under Total Variation Distance and slides
September 11Henry Li XinyuanBahar et al. (Arxiv 2020) Tight Integrated End-to-end Training for Cascaded Speech Translation, Tran et al. (EMNLP 2022) Does Joint Training Really Help Cascaded Speech Translation?, and Dalmia et al. (NAACL 2021) Searchable Hidden Intermediates for End-to-End Models of Decomposable Sequence Tasks
September 4 Labor Day (no meeting)
August 28 Fall sign up and introductions

Spring 2023

May 8paper clinic 
May 1Philipp KoehnLarge Language Models and Machine Translation. Hendy et al (2023): How Good Are GPT Models at Machine Translation? A Comprehensive Evaluation, Garcia et a;. (2023): The unreasonable effectiveness of few-shot learning for machine translation
April 24  
April 17Jeremy GwinnupPractice Talk
April 10Rachel WicksMüller et al. (WMT 2018) A Large Scale Test Set for the Evaluation of Context-Aware Pronoun Translation in Neural Machine Translation
April 3---Research discussion
March 27Stella LiLi et al. (NAACL 2022) Cross-modal Contrastive Learning for Speech Translation
March 20---[Spring Break]
March 13Kelly MarchisioLibovický et al. (Findings of EMNLP 2020) On the Language Neutrality of Pre-trained Multilingual Representations
March 6Bismarck OdoomLe et al. (Arxiv 2023) Pre-training for Speech Translation: CTC Meets Optimal Transport
February 27Elizabeth SaleskyWang et al. (ICLR 2019): Multilingual Neural Machine Translation with Soft Decoupled Encoding
February 20Neha VermaShaham et al. (Arxiv 2023) Causes and Cures for Interference in Multilingual Translation
February 13--
February 6Tianjian LiGu et al. (EMNLP 2022) Continual Learning of Neural Machine Translation within Low Forgetting Risk Regions
January 30Henry Li XinyuanPutting words into the system's mouth: A targeted attack on neural machine translation using monolingual data poisoning and A Targeted Attack on Black-Box Neural Machine Translation with Parallel Data Poisoning
January 23IntroductionsSpring sign up and introductions

Fall 2022

December 12Ziang SongChen et al. (ACL 2021): Direct Simultaneous Speech-to-Text Translation Assisted by Synchronized Streaming ASR
December 5Adarsh ChaluvarajuZhang et al. (ArXiv 2022):Competency-Aware Neural Machine Translation: Can Machine Translation Know its Own Translation Quality?
November 28Sophia HagerMa et al. (ArXiv 2022): MEGA: Moving Average Equipped Gated Attention
November 21––No Meeting - Fall Break
November 14Elina BaralYan et al. (ArXiv 2022): CTC Alignments Improve Autoregressive Translation
November 7Neha VermaCheng et al. (ACL 2022): Multilingual Mix: Example Interpolation Improves Multilingual Neural Machine Translation
October 31MuskaanFang et al. (AMTA 2022): STEMM:Self-learning with Speech-text Manifold Mixup for Speech Translation
October 24Arnav ShahFu et al. (EMNLP 2022): Polyglot Prompt: Multilingual Multitask PrompTraining
October 17Rachel WicksAnuchitanukul and Ive (NAACL 2022): SURF: Semantic-level Unsupervised Reward Function for Machine Translation
October 10Bismarck OdoomLee et al. (ArXiv 2021): Textless Speech-to-Speech Translation on Real Data
October 3Stella LiBriakou et al. (ACL 2022): Can Synthetic Translations Improve Bitext Quality?
September 26Jeremy GwinnupMoslem et al. (AMTA 2022): Domain-Specific Text Generation for Machine Translation
September 19Daniel StamblerGong et al. (ArXiv 2021): LAWDR: Language-Agnostic Weighted Document Representations from Pre-trained Models
September 12Henry Li XinyuanRei et al. (EMNLP 2020): COMET: A Neural Framework for MT Evaluation, Uncertainty-Aware Machine Translation Evaluation as well as other studies on MT evaluation
September 5––No Meeting - Labor Day
August 29IntroductionsSummer Conference Summaries and Introductions

Spring 2022

April 25MarcinChat with Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt (Microsoft) - also: attend Shuoyang Ding's PhD Thesis defense at noon in Ames 234
April 18No meeting today - attend Shuo Sun's PhD Thesis defense instead
April 11Jeremy GwinnupVoita et al (ACL 2021): Analyzing the Source and Target Contributions to Predictions in Neural Machine Translation
April 4Rachel WicksFan et al. (JMLR 2021): Beyond English-Centric Multilingual Translation ; Might discuss Tran et al. (WMT 2021) Facebook AI’s WMT21 News Translation Task Submission
March 28Stella LiYang et al. (EMNLP 2020): CSP:Code-Switching Pre-training for Neural Machine Translation
March 21(spring break)
March 14Liz SaleskyDou & Neubig (EACL 2021): Word Alignment by Fine-tuning Embeddings on Parallel Corpora
March 7Xutai MaPractice Talk
February 28Neha VermaVoita, Sennrich, and Titov (EMNLP 2021) Language Modeling, Lexical Translation, Reordering: The Training Process of NMT through the lens of Classical SMT
February 21Steven TanZhang et al. (ACL 2021): Crafting Adversarial Examples for Neural Machine Translation
February 14Suzanna SiaEikema and Aziz (COLING 2020): Is MAP Decoding All You Need? The Inadequacy of the Mode in Neural Machine Translation, Eikema and Aziz (2021): Sampling-Based Minimum Bayes Risk Decoding for Neural Machine Translation
February 7Shuoyang DingNguyen et al. (ICLR 2021): Dataset Meta-Learning from Kernel Ridge-Regression
January 31Xuan ZhangWang et al. (ACL 2021): Selective Knowledge Distillation for Neural Machine Translation
January 24Kelly MarchisioCurrent Work - GOAT for BLI
January 17Rachel WicksFeng et al. (ACL 2021): Guiding Teacher Forcing with Seer Forcing for Neural Machine Translation
January 10(winter break)
January 3Boyuan ZhengAditya et al. (ICLR 2021): Long-tail learning via logit adjustment

Fall 2021

December 20  
December 13Tianyue OuGeva et al. (EMNLP 2021): Transformer Feed-Forward Layers Are Key-Value Memories
December 6Boyuan ZhengCai et al. (ACL 2021): Neural Machine Translation with Monolingual Translation Memory
November 29Neha VermaZhou et al. (EMNLP 2021): Distributionally Robust Multilingual Machine Translation
November 22Hari SrinivasanGracia et al. (NAACL 2021): Harnessing Multilinguality in Unsupervised Machine Translation for Rare Languages
November 15Song LiLiang et al. (Neurips 2022): R-Drop: Regularized Dropout for Neural Networks
November 8Yukun FengBao et al. (ACL 2021): G-Transformer for Document-level Machine Translation
November 1Ziang SongXu and Carpuat (TACL 2020): EDITOR: an Edit-Based Transformer with Repositioning for Neural Machine Translation with Soft Lexical Constraints
October 25Henry Li XinyuanCao et al. (NAACL 2021): Continual Learning for Neural Machine Translation
October 18Shuhao LaiLe et al. (ACL 2020): Shallow-to-Deep Training for Neural Machine Translation
October 11Steven TanHe et al. (ACL 2021): Fast and Accurate Neural Machine Translation with Translation Memory
October 4Kelly MarchisioRecent Work (Findings of EMNLP 2021): An Analysis of Euclidean vs. Graph-Based Framing for Bilingual Lexicon Induction from Word Embedding Spaces
September 27Shuoyang DingPractice Talk
September 20Rachel WicksPan et al. (ACL 2021): Contrastive Learning for Many-to-many Multilingual Neural Machine Translation
September 13Xuan ZhangLiu et al. (EMNLP 2020): Understanding the Difficulty of Training Transformers
September 6 Labor Day
August 30 Introductions

Summer 2021

August 23Kelly MarchisioTopological Data Analysis, Jakubowski et al (2020): Topology of Word Embeddings: Singularities Reflect Polysemy
August 16 (no meeting - MT Summit 2021)
August 9 ACL Recap
August 2 ACL 2021
July 26Matt PostClark et el (2021): CANINE: Pre-training an Efficient Tokenization-Free Encoder for Language Representation Xu et al. (2021): ByT5: Towards a token-free future with pre-trained byte-to-byte models
July 19Liz SaleskyXu et al (ACL 2021 best paper): Vocabulary Learning via Optimal Transport for Machine Translation
July 12Xutai MaJia el al (Interspeech 2019) Direct speech-to-speech translation with a sequence-to-sequence model
July 5 Independence Day
June 28Kevin DuhTakase and Kiyono (NAACL 2021): Rethinking Perturbations in Encoder-Decoders for Fast Training
June 21Shuoyang DingAgrawal et al. (NAACL 2021): Assessing Reference-Free Peer Evaluation for Machine Translation
June 14Philipp KoehnTang et al. (NAACL 2021): Smart-Start Decoding for Neural Machine Translation, Raunak et al. (NAACL 2021): The Curious Case of Hallucinations in Neural Machine Translation (slides)
June 7Kenton MurrayHaviv et al. (NAACL 2021): Can Latent Alignments Improve Autoregressive Machine Translation?

Spring 2021

(April 30 is the official last day of class)

     Day       Presenter  Topic
May 24Liz Salesky (my hero)Practice Talk
May 17 (EMNLP deadline)
May 10Matt PostClark et al. (arXiv 2021) CANINE: Pre-training an Efficient Tokenization-Free Encoder for Language Representation
May 3Shuoyang DingSome current work
April 26Kevin DuhPrato et al. (EMNLP Findings 2020) Fully Quantized Transformer for Machine Translation
April 19Kelly MarchisioRecent work: Embedding-Enhanced Giza++
April 12Matt PostSome current work
April 5Jake BremermanYu et al. (TACL 2020): Better Document-Level Machine Translation with Bayes' Rule
March 29  
March 22 (spring break)
March 15Jeremy GwinnupIve et al. (EACL 2021): Exploring Supervised and Unsupervised Rewards in Machine Translation
March 8Philipp KoehnMeng et al. (WMT 2020): WeChat Neural Machine Translation Systems for WMT20
March 1Xutai MaPractice Talk
February 22Philipp KoehnSome highlights from WMT 2020 News Translation Shared Task sumissions
February 15Rachel WicksPei Zhang, Boxing Chen, Niyu Ge, Kai Fan (EMNLP 2020): Long-Short Term Masking Transformer: A Simple but Effective Baseline for Document-level Neural Machine Translation
February 8Amrit NidhiEva Vanmassenhove, Dimitar Shterionov, Matthew Gwilliam : Machine Translationese: Effects of Algorithmic Bias on Linguistic Complexity in Machine Translation
February 1Shuoyang DingJiatao Gu, Xiang Kong (arXiv 2020): Fully Non-autoregressive Neural Machine Translation: Tricks of the Trade
January 25 First official day of class; intros
January 18Jeremy GwinnupOzan Caglayan, Julia Ive, Veneta Haralampieva, Pranava Madhyastha, Loïc Barrault, Lucia Specia (EMNLP 2020): Simultaneous Machine Translation with Visual Context
January 11Huda Khayrallahpractice talk

Fall 2020

     Day       Presenter  Topic
December 21Ankur KejriwalMarkus Freitag and Orhan Firat(WMT'20):Complete Multilingual Neural Machine Translation
December 14Ishita TripathiMarzieh Fadaee, Christof Monz (NGT @ ACL 2020): The Unreasonable Volatility of Neural Machine Translation Models
December 7Milind AgarwalXinyi Wang, Yulia Tsvetkov, Graham Neubig (ACL 2020): Balancing Training for Multilingual Neural Machine Translation
November 30Kelly MarchisioTasnim Mohiuddin, M Saiful Bari, Shafiq Joty (EMNLP 2020): LNMap: Departures from Isomorphic Assumption in Bilingual Lexicon Induction Through Non-Linear Mapping in Latent Space
November 23 Thanksgiving Break -- no class (also, NAACL deadline)
November 16NAACL Paper ClinicTBD
November 9Shuoyang DingRecent Work
November 2Jake BremermanMarina Fomicheva, Lucia Specia, Francisco Guzmán (ACL 2020): Multi-Hypothesis Machine Translation Evaluation
October 26practice talks 
October 19Amrit NidhiJitao XU, Josep Crego, Jean Senellart (ACL 2020): Boosting Neural Machine Translation with Similar Translations
October 12 Practice talks
October 5Rachel WicksWei Zou, Shujian Huang, Jun Xie, Xinyu Dai, Jiajun Chen (ACL 2020): A Reinforced Generation of Adversarial Examples for Neural Machine Translation
September 28Philipp KoehnSpecial sneak preview: Findings from WMT 2020 Shared Task on Parallel Sentence Pair Filtering
September 21Ramchandran MuthukumarYong Cheng, Lu Jiang, Wolfgang Macherey, Jacob Eisenstein (ACL 2020): AdvAug: Robust Adversarial Augmentation for Neural Machine Translation
September 14Xuan ZhangAji, Bogoychev, Heafield and Sennrich (ACL 2020): In Neural Machine Translation, What Does Transfer Learning Transfer?
September 7 Labor Day -- no class
August 31 First day of class -- intros

Summer 2020

     Day       Presenter  Topic
August 24Matt PostTangled up in BLEU (Mathur et al., ACL 2020, Beyond Accuracy: Behavioral Testing of NLP Models with CheckList (Ribeiro et al., ACL 2020)
August 17Philipp KoehnLow Resource MT for DARPA LwLL
August 10Paper Clinic 
August 3Philipp KoehnWNGT Shared Task on Efficient Decoding: Overview paper, Edinburgh's submission:
July 27Liz SaleskyKasai et al. (arXiv 2020): Deep Encoder, Shallow Decoder: Reevaluating the Speed-Quality Tradeoff in Machine Translation
July 20Felicia KoernerZenkel et al. (ACL 2020): End-to-End Neural Word Alignment Outperforms GIZA++
July 6 & 13 ACL Recap
June 29Shuoyang DingEdunov et al. (ACL 2020): On The Evaluation of Machine Translation Systems Trained With Back-Translation
June 22Brian ThompsonPractice talk
June 15 ACL Practice talks
June 8Matt PostBapna & Firat (EMNLP 2019): Simple, Scalable Adaptation for Neural Machine Translation

Spring 2020

     Day       Presenter  Topic
May 11Huda KhayrallahKang, and Hashimoto Improved Natural Language Generation via Loss Truncation
May 4Kelly MarchisioIvan Vulić, Sebastian Ruder, and Anders Søgaard (2020) Are All Good Word Vector Spaces Isomorphic?
April 27 EMNLP paper clinic
April 20Pamela ShapiroVoita, Sennrich, and Titov (ACL 2019): When a Good Translation is Wrong in Context: Context-Aware Machine Translation Improves on Deixis, Ellipsis, and Lexical Cohesion
April 13Ankur KejriwalChanghan Wang and Kyunghyun Cho and Jiatao Gu (AAAI 2020) : Neural Machine Translation with Byte-Level Subwords
April 6Rachel WicksZhang et al. (ICLR 2020) : BERTScore: Evaluating Text Generation with BERT
March 30Milind AgarwalReimers and Gurevych (EMNLP 2019): Sentence-BERT: Sentence Embeddings using Siamese BERT-Networks
March 23Liz SaleskyVoita, Sennrich, and Titov (EMNLP 2019): The Bottom-up Evolution of Representations in the Transformer: A Study with Machine Translation and Language Modeling Objectives
March 9Xuan ZhangGhazvininejad, Levy, Liu and Zettlemoyer (EMNLP 2019): Mask-Predict: Parallel Decoding of Conditional Masked Language Models
Feb 24Amrit NidhiLiu et al. : Multilingual Denoising Pre-training for Neural Machine Translation
Feb 17Kelly MarchisioArtetxe, Labaka, and Agirre (ACL 2018): A robust self-learning method for fully unsupervised cross-lingual mappings of word embeddings
Feb 10Arya D. McCarthyAtaman, Aziz, and Birch (2020): A Latent Morphology Model for Open-Vocabulary Neural Machine Translation
Feb 3Shuoyang DingKumar and Sarawagi (2019): Calibration of Encoder Decoder Models for Neural Machine Translation
Jan 27 Research summaries

Fall 2019

     Day       Presenter  Topic
Dec 16Ankur KejriwalA Universal Music Translation Network
Dec 9-ACL Deadline -- paper proofreading
Dec 6 (friday)-ACL paper workshop
Dec 2-ACL paper workshop
Nov 18Yash Kumar LalKim et al. (2019): Pivot-based Transfer Learning for Neural Machine Translation between non-English Languages
Nov 11Huda Khayrallahcurrent work
Nov 4Liz SaleskyProvilkov et al. (2019): BPE-Dropout: Simple and Effective Subword Regularization
Oct 28Xuan Zhangpractice talk
Oct 21Pamela ShapiroWang et al. (2019): Multilingual Neural Machine Translation With Soft Decoupled Encoding
Oct 14Brianpractice talk
Oct 7Rachel WicksGuzmán et al. (2019): The FLORES Evaluation Datasets for Low-Resource Machine Translation: Nepali-English and Sinhala-English
Sep 30Matt PostZhang et al. (2018): Bridging the Gap between Training and Inference for Neural Machine Translation
Sep 23Shuoyang Dingpractice talk
Sep 16Kelly MarchisioArtetxe et al. (2019): An Effective Approach to Unsupervised Machine Translation
Sep 9-EMNLP / MT summit / WMT recap

Spring 2019

     Day       Presenter  Topic
May 20-EMNLP paper workshop at 11am in Hackerman 306
May 13-EMNLP paper workshop
May 6Vivian TsaiGodin et al. (2018): Explaining Character-Aware Neural Networks for Word-Level Prediction: Do They Discover Linguistic Rules?
April 29 Cancelled (faculty meeting)
April 22S. MielkeCotterell et al. (2018): Are All Languages Equally Hard to Language-Model? / Current research
April 15- 
April 8Yash Kumar LalEdunov et al (2018): Understanding Backtranslation at Scale
April 1Kelly MarchisioJunczys-Dowmunt (2018): How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Data (’s Submission to the WMT2018 News Translation Task)
March 25Huda KhayrallahPractice talk
March 18Arya McCarthyChen et al. (2018) The Best of Both Worlds: Combining Recent Advances in Neural Machine Translation
March 11Rebecca KnowlesFadaee & Monz (2018): Back-Translation Sampling by Targeting Difficult Words in Neural Machine Translation
March 4 Note: this is the ACL deadline
February 25-ACL paper workshop (review form)
February 18Xuan ZhangShah et al. (NeurIPS 2018): Generative Neural Machine Translation
February 11Shuoyang DingZenkel et al. (2018) Adding Interpretable Attention to Neural Translation Models Improves Word Alignment
February 4Gaurav KumarCurrent Research

Fall 2018

     Day       Presenter  Topic
December 17Pamela ShapiroDeng et al. (NeurIPS 2018) Latent Alignment and Variational Attention
December 10 NAACL proofreading
December 3 NAACL paper workshop (review form)
November 26Adi RenduchintalaCherry et al. (EMNLP 2018) Revisiting Character-Based Neural Machine Translation with Capacity and Compression
November 19 EMNLP recap
November 12Xuan ZhangLample et al. (ICLR 2018): Unsupervised Machine Translation Using Monolingual Corpora Only
October 22Huda Khayrallah 
October 15Brian ThompsonWMT practice talk
October 8Yash Kumar LalPlatanios et al (EMNLP2018): Contextual Parameter Generation for Universal Neural Machine Translation
October 1Kelly MarchisioNeubig & Hu (EMNLP 2018): Rapid Adaptation of Neural Machine Translation to New Languages
September 24Rebecca KnowlesCurrent Research
September 17Brian ThompsonKirkpatrick et al. (2017): Overcoming catastrophic forgetting in neural networks
September 10Introductions 

Summer 2018

     Day       Presenter  Topic
July 24Kevin DuhTaku Kudo (ACL 2018) Subword Regularization: Improving Neural Network Translation Models with Multiple Subword Candidates
July 17Rebecca KnowlesMaruf and Haffari (ACL 2018): Document Context Neural Machine Translation with Memory Networks
July 10Jen DrexlerZhang and Zong (EMNLP 2016): Exploiting Source-side Monolingual Data in Neural Machine Translation
July 3Xuan ZhangPrabhumoye et al. (ACL 2018): Style Transfer Through Back-Translation, Ding et al. (ACL 2017) Visualizing and Understanding Neural Machine Translation
June 26Chris Callison-BurchCherry et al. (2017): Cost Weighting for Neural Machine Translation Domain Adaptation
June 11Marine CarpuatVilar (NAACL 2018): Learning Hidden Unit Contribution for Adapting Neural Machine Translation Models
June 4Philipp KoehnChen et al. (2018): A Stable and Effective Learning Strategy for Trainable Greedy Decoding, Jiwei Li and Dan Jurafsky (2016): Mutual Information and Diverse Decoding Improve Neural Machine Translation, Myle Ott, Michael Auli, David Grangier and Marc’Aurelio Ranzato (2018): Analyzing Uncertainty in Neural Machine Translation

Spring 2018

     Day       Presenter  Topic
May 10Arya McCarthyPassban et al. (NAACL 2018): Improving Character-based Decoding Using -Side Morphological Information for Neural Machine Translation
May 3Pamela ShapiroReview of Attention Mechanisms
Apr 26Gaurav KumarQi et al. (NAACL 2018): When and Why are Pre-trained Word Embeddings Useful for Neural Machine Translation?
Apr 19Xutai MaGu, et. al. (AAAI 2018) Search Engine Guided Neural Machine Translation, Zhang, et. al. (NAACL2018) Guiding Neural Machine Translation with Retrieved Translation Pieces
Apr 12Adi RenduchintalaYang, et. al. (NAACL2018): https://arxiv.org/pdf/1703.04887.pdf
Apr 5Rebecca KnowlesCurrent research
Mar 29Huda/Brian/KevinCurrent research
Mar 22 no meeting
Mar 15Becky Marvin & Steven ShearingAMTA practice talks
Mar 8Kevin DuhHuang, et. al. (ICLR 2018): Towards Neural Phrase-based Machine Translation
Mar 1Arya McCarthyWang et al. (2018): Translating Pro-Drop Languages with Reconstruction Models
Feb 22Pamela ShapiroBelinkov and Bisk (2018): Synthetic and Natural Noise Both Break Neural Machine Translation
Feb 15Shuoyang DingGu et al. (2018): Non-Autoregressive Neural Machine Translation
Feb 8Juri GanitkevitchJuri Ganitkevitch PhD defense (9am, Malone 107): Large-Scale Paraphrasing for Text-to-Text Generation
Feb 1Gaurav KumarArtetxe et al. (2017): Unsupervised Neural Machine Translation

Fall 2017

     Day       Presenter  Topic
Dec 13Xutai Ma/Shuoyang DingCurrent research
Dec 6Adi RenduchintalaHe et al. (NIPS 2016): Dual Learning for Machine Translation
Nov 29Philipp KoehnGhader and Monz (IJCNLP 2017): What does Attention in Neural Machine Translation Pay Attention to?
Nov 22 No meeting: Thanksgiving break
Nov 15Huda KhayrallahPractice Talk
Nov 8Pamela ShapiroArtxetxe et al. (ACL 2017): Learning bilingual word embeddings with (almost) no bilingual data
Nov 1Becky MarvinNguyen and Chiang. (2017). Improving Lexical Choice in Neural Machine Translation
Oct 25Rebecca KnowlesCarpuat et. al. (2017). Detecting Cross-Lingual Semantic Divergence for Neural Machine Translation
Oct 18
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