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Papers to Read

This is a listing of papers that look interesting (organized roughly by time). Strikethrough like this in 2020 conferences denotes that the paper has already been presented in the group.

ACL 2021

(Rachel's list of MT-related titles; please add your own!)

EMNLP 2020

(Rachel's list of MT-related titles; please add your own!)

ACL 2020 (huda's list of some potentially interesting titles from ACL 2020, please add your own lists!)

EMNLP 2019

  • Exploiting Monolingual Data at Scale for Neural Machine Translation
  • Improving Deep Transformer with Depth-Scaled Initialization and Merged Attention
  • Jointly Learning to Align and Translate with Transformer Models
  • Machine Translation With Weakly Paired Documents
  • Multi-agent Learning for Neural Machine Translation
  • Parameter-free Sentence Embedding via Orthogonal Basis
  • Pivot-based Transfer Learning for Neural Machine Translation between non-English Languages
  • Pushing the Limits of Low-Resource Morphological Inflection
  • Sentence-BERT: Sentence Embeddings using Siamese BERT-Networks
  • Show Your Work: Improved Reporting of Experimental Results
  • Simple, Scalable Adaptation for Neural Machine Translation
  • Supervised and Nonlinear Alignment of Two Embedding Spaces for Dictionary Induction in Low Resourced Languages
  • The Bottom-up Evolution of Representations in the Transformer: A Study with Machine Translation and Language Modeling Objectives
  • The Myth of Blind Review Revisited: Experiments on ACL vs. EMNLP
  • Towards Linear Time Neural Machine Translation with Capsule Network
  • Are We Modeling the Task or the Annotator? An Investigation of Annotator Bias in Natural Language Understanding Datasets
  • Efficient Sentence Embedding using Discrete Cosine Transform
  • Encoders Help You Disambiguate Word Senses in Neural Machine Translation
  • Handling Syntactic Divergence in Low-resource Machine Translation
  • Lost in Evaluation: Misleading Benchmarks for Bilingual Dictionary Induction
  • Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation by Exploiting Multilingualism through Multi-Step Fine-Tuning Using N-way Parallel Corpora
  • Modelling Stopping Criteria using Poisson Processes
  • On NMT Search Errors and Model Errors: Cat Got Your Tongue?
  • Simple and Effective Noisy Channel Modeling for Neural Machine Translation
  • Speculative Beam Search for Simultaneous Translation

EMNLP 2018 - interesting titles: Long:

  • Addressing Troublesome Words in Neural Machine Translation
    • Yang Zhao, Jiajun Zhang, Zhongjun He, Chengqing Zong and Hua Wu
  • Cube Pruning for Neural Machine Translation
    • Wen Zhang, Lei Shen, Yang Feng, Liang Huang and Qun Liu
  • Bootstrapping Transliteration with Guided Discovery for Low-Resource Languages
    • Shyam Upadhyay, Jordan Kodner and Dan Roth
  • Why Self-Attention? A Targeted Evaluation of Neural Machine Translation Architectures
    • Gongbo Tang, Mathias Müller, Annette Rios Gonzales and Rico Sennrich
  • Meta-Learning for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation
    • Jiatao Gu, Yong Wang, Yun Chen, Victor O. K. Li and Kyunghyun Cho
  • Unsupervised Statistical Machine Translation
    • Mikel Artetxe, Gorka Labaka and Eneko Agirre
  • Adapting Word Embeddings to New Languages with Morphological and Phonological Subword Representations
    • Aditi Chaudhary, Chunting Zhou, Lori Levin, Graham Neubig, David R. Mortensen and Jaime Carbonell
  • Revisiting Character-Based Neural Machine Translation with Capacity and Compression
    • Colin Cherry, George Foster, Ankur Bapna, Orhan Firat and Wolfgang Macherey
  • Exploiting Deep Representations for Neural Machine Translation
    • Zi-Yi Dou, Zhaopeng Tu, Xing Wang, Shuming Shi and Tong Zhang
  • Understanding Back-Translation at Scale
    • Sergey Edunov, Myle Ott, Michael Auli and David Grangier
  • Back-Translation Sampling by Targeting Difficult Words in Neural Machine Translation
    • Marzieh Fadaee and Christof Monz
  • Adaptive Multi-pass Decoder for Neural Machine Translation with Reinforcement Learning
    • Xinwei Geng, Xiaocheng Feng, Bing Qin and Ting Liu
  • Explaining Character-Aware Neural Networks for Word-Level Prediction: Do They Discover Linguistic Rules?
    • Fréderic Godin, Kris Demuynck, Joni Dambre, Wesley De Neve and Thomas Demeester
  • MTNT: A Testbed for Machine Translation of Noisy Text
    • Paul Michel and Graham Neubig
  • Contextual Parameter Generation for Universal Neural Machine Translation
    • Emmanouil Antonios Platanios, Mrinmaya Sachan, Graham Neubig and Tom Mitchell
  • Beyond Error Propagation in Neural Machine Translation: Characteristics of Language Also Matter
    • Xu Tan, Lijun Wu, Di He, Fei Tian, Tao QIN, Jianhuang Lai and Tie-Yan Liu
  • Simplifying Neural Machine Translation with Addition-Subtraction Twin-Gated Recurrent Networks
    • Biao Zhang, Deyi Xiong, jinsong su and Qian Lin


  • Exploring Recombination for Efficient Decoding of Neural Machine Translation
    • Zhisong Zhang, Rui Wang, Masao Utiyama, Eiichiro Sumita and Hai Zhao
  • Break the Beam Search Curse: A Study of Score-Revision Methods and Stopping Criteria for Neural Machine Translation
    • Yilin Yang, Liang Huang and Mingbo Ma
  • Has Neural Machine Translation Achieved Human Parity? A Case for Document-level Evaluation
    • Samuel Läubli, Rico Sennrich and Martin Volk
  • Learning When to Concentrate or Divert Attention: Automatic Control of Attention Temperature for Neural Machine Translation
    • Junyang Lin, Xuancheng Ren, Qi Su, Muyu Li and Xu SUN
  • Multi-Source Syntactic Neural Machine Translation
    • Anna Currey and Kenneth Heafield
  • Automatic Reference-Based Evaluation of Pronoun Translation Misses the Point
    • Liane Guillou and Christian Hardmeier
  • Accelerating Asynchronous Stochastic Gradient Descent for Neural Machine Translation
    • Nikolay Bogoychev, Kenneth Heafield, Alham Fikri Aji and Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt
  • Prediction Improves Simultaneous Neural Machine Translation
    • Ashkan Alinejad, Maryam Siahbani and Anoop Sarkar
  • Towards Two-Dimensional Sequence to Sequence Model in Neural Machine Translation
    • Parnia Bahar, Christopher Brix and Hermann Ney
  • Training Deeper Neural Machine Translation Models with Transparent Attention
    • Ankur Bapna, Mia Chen, Orhan Firat, Yuan Cao and Yonghui Wu
  • The Lazy Encoder: A Fine-Grained Analysis of the Role of Morphology in Neural Machine Translation
    • Arianna Bisazza and Clara Tump
  • Decipherment of Substitution Ciphers with Neural Language Models
    • Nishant Kambhatla, Anahita Mansouri Bigvand and Anoop Sarkar
  • Improving Unsupervised Word-by-Word Translation with Language Model and Denoising Autoencoder
    • Yunsu Kim, Jiahui Geng and Hermann Ney
  • Context and Copying in Neural Machine Translation
    • Rebecca Knowles and Philipp Koehn
  • Rapid Adaptation of Neural Machine Translation to New Languages
    • Graham Neubig and Junjie Hu
  • Fixing Translation Divergences in Parallel Corpora for Neural MT
    • Minh Quang Pham, Josep Crego, Jean Senellart and François Yvon
  • SwitchOut: an Efficient Data Augmentation Algorithm for Neural Machine Translation
    • Hieu Pham, Xinyi Wang, Zihang Dai and Graham Neubig
  • Greedy Search with Probabilistic N-gram Matching for Neural Machine Translation
    • Chenze Shao, Xilin Chen and Yang Feng
  • A Tree-based Decoder for Neural Machine Translation
    • Xinyi Wang, Hieu Pham, Pengcheng Yin and Graham Neubig
  • Three Strategies to Improve One-to-Many Multilingual Translation
    • Yining Wang, Jiajun Zhang, Feifei Zhai, Jingfang Xu and Chengqing Zong
  • Compact Personalized Models for Neural Machine Translation
    • Joern Wuebker, Patrick Simianer and John DeNero

ACL 2018 - interesting titles:

  • Subword Regularization: Improving Neural Network Translation Models with Multiple Subword Candidates.
    • Taku Kudo.
  • Attention Focusing for Neural Machine Translation by Bridging Source and Target Embeddings.
    • Shaohui Kuang, Junhui Li, António Branco, Weihua Luo and Deyi Xiong.
  • Neural Document Summarization by Jointly Learning to Score and Select Sentences.
    • Qingyu Zhou, Nan Yang, Furu Wei, Shaohan Huang, Ming Zhou and Tiejun Zhao.
  • Two Methods for Domain Adaptation of Bilingual Tasks: Delightfully Simple and Broadly Applicable.
    • Viktor Hangya, Fabienne Braune, Alexander Fraser and Hinrich Schütze.
  • The Best of Both Worlds: Combining Recent Advances in Neural Machine Translation.
    • Mia Xu Chen, Orhan Firat, Ankur Bapna, Melvin Johnson, Wolfgang Macherey, George Foster, Llion Jones, Mike Schuster, Noam Shazeer, Niki Parmar, Ashish Vaswani, Jakob Uszkoreit, Lukasz Kaiser, Zhifeng Chen, Yonghui Wu and Macduff Hughes.
  • Document Context Neural Machine Translation with Memory Networks.
    • Sameen Maruf and Gholamreza Haffari.
  • Style Transfer Through Back-Translation.
    • Shrimai Prabhumoye, Yulia Tsvetkov, Ruslan Salakhutdinov and Alan W Black.
  • How Much Attention Do You Need? A Granular Analysis of Neural Machine Translation Architectures.
    • Tobias Domhan.
  • Neural Hidden Markov Model for Machine Translation.
    • Weiyue Wang, Derui Zhu, Tamer Alkhouli, Zixuan Gan and Hermann Ney.
  • Extreme adaptation for personalized neural machine translation.
    • Paul Michel and Graham Neubig.
  • Improving Beam Search by Removing Monotonic Constraint for Neural Machine Translation.
    • Raphael Shu and Hideki Nakayama
  • Adaptive Knowledge Sharing in Multi-Task Learning: Improving Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation.
    • Poorya Zaremoodi, Wray Buntine and Gholamreza Haffari.

Possibly Interesting papers

ACL 2017 - interesting titles:

  • Unsupervised Learning of Morphological Forests
    • Authors: Jiaming Luo, Karthik Narasimhan, Regina Barzilay
  • An Empirical Comparison of Domain Adaptation Methods for Neural Machine Translation
    • Authors: Chenhui Chu, Raj Dabre and Sadao Kurohashi
  • Attention Strategies for Multi-Source Sequence-to-Sequence Learning
    • Authors: Jindřich Libovický and Jindřich Helcl
  • Hybrid Neural Network Alignment and Lexicon Model in Direct HMM for Statistical Machine Translation
    • Authors: Weiyue Wang, Derui Zhu and Hermann Ney
  • Neural System Combination for Machine Translation
    • Authors: Long Zhou, Wenpeng Hu, Jiajun Zhang and Chengqing Zong
  • Bayesian Modeling of Lexical Resources for Low-Resource Settings
    • Authors: Nicholas Andrews, Jason Eisner, Mark Dredze and Benjamin Van Durme
  • Learning attention for historical text normalization by learning to pronounce
    • Authors: Marcel Bollmann, Joachim Bingel and Anders Søgaard
  • A Teacher-Student Framework for Zero-Resource Neural Machine Translation
    • Authors: Yun Chen, Yang Liu, Yong Cheng and Victor O.K. Li
  • Visualizing and Understanding Neural Machine Translation
    • Authors: Yanzhuo Ding, Yang Liu, Huanbo Luan and Maosong Sun
  • Adversarial Training for Unsupervised Bilingual Lexicon Induction
    • Authors: Meng Zhang, Yang Liu, Huanbo Luan and Maosong Sun
  • Found in Translation: Reconstructing Phylogenetic Language Trees from Translations
    • Authors: Ella Rabinovich, Noam Ordan and Shuly Wintner

EMNLP 2016

EMNLP 2013

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