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For the past few major deadlines, we have been running a paper clinic around a week before the deadline. This seems to be pretty popular. This is some background about how I (Huda) ran them:

  • Reading group will be a time for each attendee to read papers, and then give feed back to the authors.
  • I think this works best when papers are assigned in advance, so that everyone gets feedback.
  • I assign papers with the following criteria in mind:
* I try to assign each paper to at least 2 people
* I try to assign each person <=2 papers to read
* I try to make sure each paper is assigned to at least one person who is very familiar with the subarea, and at least one person who is less familiar with the subarea (or is maybe new to the field). This helps simulate different types of reviewers. 
* I try to assign papers to people who would not otherwise read that draft.
* I print the papers and make packets for everyone. Otherwise it is too disorganized.
* Some people will always come without having rsvp-ed, so extra copies are needed. 
* Some people will not have their papers done and want to print last minute. It is much easier on the organizer if they submit by the deadline, so the organizer can find an apt reviewer. 

We also do a proofreading session much closer to the deadline (often the day of) and sometimes another pass a few days before the deadline. I don't do assignments the day of the deadline, but if we do a 2nd pass a few days before I do assign papers. If they have changed a lot I reassign an overlapping reader. If not, I try to find new people. 

Steps:  Send out an email announcing the meeting. Attendees need to both say if they are bringing a paper and if they are attending.  There has to be a deadline by which people do this so that the organizer has time to do assignments and print things. This always takes much longer than expected. 

Here is an example email:

subj: ACL paper clinic on 12/2; send me your drafts by 3pm on Monday 12/2
Hi all, 
With the ACL deadline approaching (December 9 11.59 pm UTC -12h) we will be doing ACL paper feedback in reading group on Monday 12/2 (Monday after Thanksgiving). 
If you want feedback on your submission, please send your drafts to me by Monday 12/2 at 3pm so I have time to do reviewer assignments and print things.
Please also let me know by Monday 12/2 at 3pm if you plan to attend reading group so I can assign you papers.  
(if you already know you are coming, just reply to me now so you don't forget!)
For those who have not done this before: we will use this time to give and get feedback on paper drafts. You don't need to have a submission to attend, or have any experience! More eyes on a paper make a stronger submission; all kinds of feedback is valuable. It is also a great opportunity to become a better paper writer yourself; I have learned a lot by giving feedback on drafts. This is also a great chance to learn about the peer review process.
Similar to previous deadlines, we are going to formalize this process. I will assign each paper to several people to read and give feedback on. Reading group will be a dedicated time to read the paper(s) you are assigned and give feedback.
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