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Seventh MT Marathon 2012

The MosesCore consortium invites researchers, developers, students and users of machine translation to participate in the Machine Translation Marathon 2012. This week long event will include:

  • MT Lectures and labs, ranging from beginners tutorials tutorials to showcase talks by leading researchers. Everyone can learn or strengthen their knowledge.
  • Technical talks about open source tools for MT
  • Week-long open source MT hacking projects, led by experienced developers and researchers.

The Machine Translation Marathon 2012 is an event sponsored by MosesCore, an EU Project aimed at promoting open source machine translation.

The MT Marathon will take place on 3-8 September 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland, organised by the Statistical MT group of the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh.

If you have recently been involved in the development of a new open source tool, then you are invited to submit a paper to Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics (PBML).

Registration is now open. It's free, but strictly limited to 100 people.