Things to do

Sunday, 2nd September

21:00-21:45 Fireworks in Princes Street Gardens Good viewing spots are Princes Street Gardens (obviously), Carlton Hill and the Meadows

Monday, 3rd September

21:00 Pub Crawl, starting in front of the Forum

Tuesday, 4th September

21:00 at "The Reverie" http://thereverie.co.uk/

Wednesday, 5th September

What about a pub in Newtown? Kay's Bar, Cafe Royal

Thursday, 7th September

Pub: Greyfriar's Bobby Bar + The Last Drop

Friday, 7th September

1930 glitching - digital dance performance at InSpace, next door to forum. Free but ticketed (and sold out).

Pub of the day: The Holyrood 9A (9A Holyrood Rd) @ 21:00 (some are going earlier as the kitchen closes at 21h)


Doors open day where many public buildings can be visited. Unfortunately not Edinburgh this weekend, but does include nearby Midlothian and West Lothian.

Where to eat (e.g. lunch)

Edinburgh Restaurant Guide (pdf)

Tripadvisor Edinburgh

Google Map of restaurants close to the forum

popular choices include Nile Valley (falafel) and Mosque Kitchen (curries).


  • The lectures and talks with be in the Forum, in G.07 (directly on the left after you enter)
  • The labs will be in Appleton tower, in 5.05. Appleton tower is directly opposite the forum, and the lab is on the fifth floor. There are lifts at the opposite end from the entrance
  • The entire ground floor of the Forum is available for project work, including G.03 (at the back, on the right). Additional rooms for project work are described below.

Additional rooms for project work

These vary from day to day:

Monday3.02, 4.02 and 5.02, 2pm-10pm
Tuesday1.15, 2.30pm-10pm; 4.02 and 5.02, 2pm-10pm
Wednesday1.15 and 4.02, 2pm-10pm; 5.02 2.30pm-10pm
Thursday3.02, 2pm-10pm; 5.02, 2.30pm-10pm
Friday1.15, 4.02 and 5.02, 2pm-10pm