Moses::Syntax::T2S Namespace Reference


class  GlueRuleSynthesizer
class  HyperTree
struct  InputTree
class  InputTreeBuilder
class  Manager
class  RuleMatcher
class  RuleMatcherSCFG
class  RuleTrie
class  RuleTrieCreator
class  RuleTrieLoader


const F2S::Forest::VertexInputTreeToForest (const InputTree &tree, F2S::Forest &forest)


Moses::Syntax::T2S::HyperTree m_map
TargetPhraseCollection m_targetPhraseCollection

Function Documentation

const F2S::Forest::Vertex * Moses::Syntax::T2S::InputTreeToForest ( const InputTree &  tree,
F2S::Forest &  forest 

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Definition at line 65 of file HyperTree.h.

Referenced by Moses::Syntax::T2S::HyperTree::Node::IsLeaf().

Definition at line 66 of file HyperTree.h.

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