Moses::Syntax Namespace Reference


namespace  F2S
namespace  S2T
namespace  T2S


class  BoundedPriorityContainer
class  Cube
class  CubeQueue
class  InputWeightFF
class  KBestExtractor
class  Manager
class  NonTerminalMap
struct  PHyperedge
struct  PLabel
struct  PVertex
class  RuleTable
class  RuleTableFF
struct  SHyperedge
struct  SHyperedgeBundle
struct  SHyperedgeBundleScorer
struct  SLabel
struct  SVertex
class  SVertexRecombinationEqualityPred
class  SVertexRecombinationHasher
struct  SVertexStackContentOrderer
class  SymbolEqualityPred
class  SymbolHasher


typedef std::vector
< boost::shared_ptr< SVertex > > 


bool operator== (const PVertex &v, const PVertex &w)
Phrase GetOneBestTargetYield (const SHyperedge &h)
 HyperTree (const RuleTableFF *ff)
const Node & GetRootNode () const


Node m_root

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<boost::shared_ptr<SVertex> > Moses::Syntax::SVertexStack

Definition at line 15 of file SVertexStack.h.

Function Documentation

Phrase Moses::Syntax::GetOneBestTargetYield ( const SHyperedge &  h  ) 

const Node& Moses::Syntax::GetRootNode (  )  const

Definition at line 71 of file HyperTree.h.

References m_root.

Moses::Syntax::HyperTree ( const RuleTableFF *  ff  ) 

Definition at line 69 of file HyperTree.h.

Referenced by Moses::Syntax::RuleTableFF::Load().

Here is the caller graph for this function:

bool Moses::Syntax::operator== ( const PVertex &  v,
const PVertex &  w 
) [inline]

Definition at line 19 of file PVertex.h.

References Moses::Syntax::PVertex::span, and Moses::Syntax::PVertex::symbol.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 86 of file HyperTree.h.

Referenced by Moses::Syntax::S2T::RuleTrieScope3::GetRootNode(), and GetRootNode().

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