Moses::Syntax::S2T::RuleTrieCreator Class Reference

#include <RuleTrieCreator.h>

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void SortAndPrune (RuleTrie &trie, std::size_t limit)
TargetPhraseCollection::shared_ptr GetOrCreateTargetPhraseCollection (RuleTrie &trie, const Phrase &source, const TargetPhrase &target, const Word *sourceLHS)

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Definition at line 14 of file RuleTrieCreator.h.

Member Function Documentation

TargetPhraseCollection::shared_ptr Moses::Syntax::S2T::RuleTrieCreator::GetOrCreateTargetPhraseCollection ( RuleTrie trie,
const Phrase source,
const TargetPhrase target,
const Word sourceLHS 
) [inline, protected]

Definition at line 26 of file RuleTrieCreator.h.

Referenced by Moses::Syntax::S2T::RuleTrieLoader::Load(), and Moses::Syntax::S2T::OovHandler< RuleTrie >::SynthesizeRuleTrie().

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void Moses::Syntax::S2T::RuleTrieCreator::SortAndPrune ( RuleTrie trie,
std::size_t  limit 
) [inline, protected]

Definition at line 18 of file RuleTrieCreator.h.

Referenced by Moses::Syntax::S2T::RuleTrieLoader::Load().

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