Minimum risk decoding is an interesting approach to decoding in MT models that seeks to optimize an alternative objective function. We will implement it in cdec:

Installation issues

Team: Hassan Sajjad?, Gideon Maillette de Buy Wenniger?, Andrea Gesmundo?, Lars Bungum?

Relevant papers:

MBR (and approximations) on hypergraphs:

Tromble MBR paper on lattices (cited by the above):

original MBR for MT paper:

n-gram posterior computation:


build instructions:

code guide: The relevant bit of the top-level translation loop is in file decoder/, from around lines 384-428. It breaks up the computation into several discrete steps that can be understood as manipulations on hypergraph objects. The goal of the project will be to add two extra steps: computation of n-gram posteriors and then maximization.

Code editing with eclipse: See :

This explains how you can acces remote code with a local version of eclipse

Drawing graphs in cdec

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