Project Proposals

The EuroMatrix projects called for proposals from developers of machine translation systems to extend and augment current open source tools for statistical machine translation. Such projects which roughly involve 6 months of work, carried out as student projects at universities, development activities at companies, or hobbyist projects, add to the freely available open source tool set for machine translation.

Project Proposal Comittee

  • Philipp Koehn, University of Edinburgh
  • Chris Callison-Burch, Johns Hopkins University
  • Andreas Eisele, University of Saarbrücken

During the Open Source Day of the Second MT Marathon, on May 17, 2008, several proposals were presented. The committee recommended the work on the following proposals as valuable contribution to open source machine translation (in alphabetical order):

  • Alexander Fraser (University of Stuttgart):
    • Development of an open source word alignment framework, proposal
  • Chris Dyer (University of Maryland):
  • Christian Federmann (University of Saarbrücken):
  • Holger Schwenk (LIUM, University of Le Mans):
    • Continuous space language models, proposal
  • Juri Ganitkevitch (RWTH Aachen):
    • A phrase-based, LM-guided decoder using long n-Grams as gapless skip-LMs, proposal
  • Lane Schwartz (University of Minnesota):

The committee also awarded one of the proposals "Development of an open source word alignment framework" by Alexander Fraser as "Best Project Proposal at the Second MT Marathon", and provided a development grant to work on the project.

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