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The CLSP cluster has the following machines with GPUs:

MachinesGPU/MachineGPU TotalTypeMemory
b01-05,07-10436Tesla K10.G23526 MiB
b0622Tesla K20m4742 MiB
b11-18,20436Tesla K8011439 MiB
b1922Tesla M4022939 MiB
c01-11444GTX 1080ti11172 MiB

Wall time for amun / marian benchmarks

Tesla K80388 sec.1723 sec.
Tesla M40195 sec.831 sec.
GTX 1080ti118 sec.522 sec.

Amun benchmark is translating a 3000 sentence test set (nmt17-de-en).

Marian benchmark is 1000 iterations (about 80,000 sentence pairs) of training (nmt17-de-en). Nematus on Tesla K80 takes about 3,000 seconds for 1000 iterations of training (with a simpler model, i.e., not using layer normalization).

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