Moses::PhraseTableCreator Class Reference

#include <PhraseTableCreator.h>

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struct  SrcTrgProbSorter

Public Types

enum  Coding { None, REnc, PREnc }

Public Member Functions

 PhraseTableCreator (std::string inPath, std::string outPath, std::string tempfilePath, size_t numScoreComponent=5, size_t sortScoreIndex=2, Coding coding=PREnc, size_t orderBits=10, size_t fingerPrintBits=16, bool useAlignmentInfo=false, bool multipleScoreTrees=true, size_t quantize=0, size_t maxRank=100, bool warnMe=true)
 ~PhraseTableCreator ()


class RankingTask
class EncodingTask
class CompressionTask

Detailed Description

Definition at line 178 of file PhraseTableCreator.h.

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Definition at line 181 of file PhraseTableCreator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Moses::PhraseTableCreator::PhraseTableCreator ( std::string  inPath,
std::string  outPath,
std::string  tempfilePath,
size_t  numScoreComponent = 5,
size_t  sortScoreIndex = 2,
Coding  coding = PREnc,
size_t  orderBits = 10,
size_t  fingerPrintBits = 16,
bool  useAlignmentInfo = false,
bool  multipleScoreTrees = true,
size_t  quantize = 0,
size_t  maxRank = 100,
bool  warnMe = true 

Definition at line 43 of file PhraseTableCreator.cpp.

References Moses::BlockHashIndex::BeginSave(), util::FMakeTemp(), PREnc, and REnc.

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Moses::PhraseTableCreator::~PhraseTableCreator (  ) 

Definition at line 143 of file PhraseTableCreator.cpp.

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friend class CompressionTask [friend]

Definition at line 355 of file PhraseTableCreator.h.

friend class EncodingTask [friend]

Definition at line 354 of file PhraseTableCreator.h.

friend class RankingTask [friend]

Definition at line 353 of file PhraseTableCreator.h.

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