lm::phrase Namespace Reference


namespace  detail


class  Substrings
class  Union
class  Multiple


typedef uint64_t Hash


unsigned int ReadMultiple (std::istream &in, Substrings &out)
template void Multiple::Evaluate< CountFormat::Multiple > (const StringPiece &line, CountFormat::Multiple &output)
template void Multiple::Evaluate< ARPAFormat::Multiple > (const StringPiece &line, ARPAFormat::Multiple &output)

Typedef Documentation

typedef uint64_t lm::phrase::Hash

Definition at line 24 of file phrase.hh.

Function Documentation

template void lm::phrase::Multiple::Evaluate< ARPAFormat::Multiple > ( const StringPiece line,
ARPAFormat::Multiple &  output 

template void lm::phrase::Multiple::Evaluate< CountFormat::Multiple > ( const StringPiece line,
CountFormat::Multiple &  output 

unsigned int lm::phrase::ReadMultiple ( std::istream &  in,
Substrings &  out 

Definition at line 17 of file phrase.cc.

References lm::phrase::Substrings::AddPhrase(), and util::MurmurHashNative().

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