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#include <SearchNormal.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SearchNormal (Manager &manager, const TranslationOptionCollection &transOptColl)
 ~SearchNormal ()
void Decode ()
void OutputHypoStackSize ()
void OutputHypoStack ()
virtual const std::vector
< HypothesisStack * > & 
GetHypothesisStacks () const
virtual const HypothesisGetBestHypothesis () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool ProcessOneStack (HypothesisStack *hstack)
virtual void ProcessOneHypothesis (const Hypothesis &hypothesis)
virtual void ExpandAllHypotheses (const Hypothesis &hypothesis, size_t startPos, size_t endPos)
virtual void ExpandHypothesis (const Hypothesis &hypothesis, const TranslationOption &transOpt, float expectedScore, float estimatedScore, const Bitmap &bitmap)

Protected Attributes

std::vector< HypothesisStack * > m_hypoStackColl
 stacks to store hypotheses (partial translations)
const TranslationOptionCollectionm_transOptColl

Detailed Description

Functions and variables you need to decoder an input using the phrase-based decoder (NO cube-pruning) Instantiated by the Manager class

Definition at line 20 of file SearchNormal.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Moses::SearchNormal::SearchNormal ( Manager manager,
const TranslationOptionCollection transOptColl 

Organizing main function

/param source input sentence /param transOptColl collection of translation options to be used for this sentence

Definition at line 19 of file SearchNormal.cpp.

References Moses::SearchOptions::beam_width, m_hypoStackColl, Moses::Search::m_manager, Moses::Search::m_options, Moses::Search::m_source, Moses::AllOptions::search, Moses::HypothesisStackNormal::SetBeamWidth(), Moses::HypothesisStackNormal::SetMaxHypoStackSize(), Moses::SearchOptions::stack_size, and VERBOSE.

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Moses::SearchNormal::~SearchNormal (  ) 

Definition at line 37 of file SearchNormal.cpp.

References m_hypoStackColl, and Moses::RemoveAllInColl().

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Member Function Documentation

void Moses::SearchNormal::Decode (  )  [virtual]

Main decoder loop that translates a sentence by expanding hypotheses stack by stack, until the end of the sentence.

Implements Moses::Search.

Definition at line 73 of file SearchNormal.cpp.

References actual_hypoStack, Moses::Bitmaps::GetInitialBitmap(), Moses::Manager::GetNextHypoId(), IFVERBOSE, Moses::Search::m_bitmaps, m_hypoStackColl, Moses::Search::m_initialTransOpt, Moses::Search::m_manager, Moses::Search::m_source, OutputHypoStackSize(), and ProcessOneStack().

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void Moses::SearchNormal::ExpandAllHypotheses ( const Hypothesis hypothesis,
size_t  startPos,
size_t  endPos 
) [protected, virtual]

void Moses::SearchNormal::ExpandHypothesis ( const Hypothesis hypothesis,
const TranslationOption transOpt,
float  expectedScore,
float  estimatedScore,
const Bitmap bitmap 
) [protected, virtual]

Expand one hypothesis with a translation option. this involves initial creation, scoring and adding it to the proper stack

hypothesis hypothesis to be expanded upon
transOpt translation option (phrase translation) that is applied to create the new hypothesis
expectedScore base score for early discarding (base hypothesis score plus future score estimation)

Definition at line 281 of file SearchNormal.cpp.

References Moses::SentenceStats::AddEarlyDiscarded(), Moses::SentenceStats::AddNotBuilt(), Moses::SearchOptions::early_discarding_threshold, Moses::Hypothesis::EvaluateWhenApplied(), Moses::TranslationOption::GetEndPos(), Moses::TranslationOption::GetFutureScore(), Moses::Bitmap::GetIDPlus(), Moses::Manager::GetNextHypoId(), Moses::Bitmap::GetNumWordsCovered(), Moses::Manager::GetSentenceStats(), Moses::TranslationOption::GetSize(), Moses::TranslationOption::GetStartPos(), Moses::Hypothesis::GetWordsBitmap(), IFVERBOSE, m_hypoStackColl, Moses::Search::m_manager, Moses::Search::m_options, NULL, Moses::Hypothesis::PrintHypothesis(), Moses::AllOptions::search, Moses::SearchOptions::stack_diversity, Moses::SentenceStats::StartTimeBuildHyp(), Moses::SentenceStats::StartTimeEstimateScore(), Moses::SentenceStats::StartTimeOtherScore(), Moses::SentenceStats::StartTimeStack(), Moses::stats, Moses::SentenceStats::StopTimeBuildHyp(), Moses::SentenceStats::StopTimeEstimateScore(), Moses::SentenceStats::StopTimeOtherScore(), Moses::SentenceStats::StopTimeStack(), and Moses::SearchOptions::UseEarlyDiscarding().

Referenced by ExpandAllHypotheses().

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const Hypothesis * Moses::SearchNormal::GetBestHypothesis (  )  const [virtual]

Find best hypothesis on the last stack. This is the end point of the best translation, which can be traced back from here

Implements Moses::Search.

Definition at line 388 of file SearchNormal.cpp.

References actual_hypoStack, Moses::HypothesisStackNormal::GetBestHypothesis(), Moses::Search::interrupted_flag, and m_hypoStackColl.

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const std::vector< HypothesisStack * > & Moses::SearchNormal::GetHypothesisStacks (  )  const [virtual]

Implements Moses::Search.

Definition at line 379 of file SearchNormal.cpp.

References m_hypoStackColl.

void Moses::SearchNormal::OutputHypoStack (  ) 

Definition at line 412 of file SearchNormal.cpp.

References m_hypoStackColl, and TRACE_ERR.

void Moses::SearchNormal::OutputHypoStackSize (  ) 

Logging of hypothesis stack sizes

Definition at line 402 of file SearchNormal.cpp.

References m_hypoStackColl, and TRACE_ERR.

Referenced by Decode().

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void Moses::SearchNormal::ProcessOneHypothesis ( const Hypothesis hypothesis  )  [protected, virtual]

bool Moses::SearchNormal::ProcessOneStack ( HypothesisStack hstack  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Data Documentation

actual (full expanded) stack of hypotheses

Definition at line 28 of file SearchNormal.h.

Referenced by Decode(), and GetBestHypothesis().

stacks to store hypotheses (partial translations)

Definition at line 25 of file SearchNormal.h.

Referenced by Decode(), ExpandHypothesis(), GetBestHypothesis(), GetHypothesisStacks(), OutputHypoStack(), OutputHypoStackSize(), SearchNormal(), and ~SearchNormal().

pre-computed list of translation options for the phrases in this sentence

Definition at line 31 of file SearchNormal.h.

Referenced by ExpandAllHypotheses(), and ProcessOneHypothesis().

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