MosesServer Namespace Reference


class  CloseSession
class  Optimizer
class  Server
struct  Session
class  SessionCache
class  TranslationRequest
class  Translator
class  Updater


void SetContextWeights (Moses::ContextScope &s, xmlrpc_c::value const &w)
bool check (std::map< std::string, xmlrpc_c::value > const &param, std::string const key)

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bool MosesServer::check ( std::map< std::string, xmlrpc_c::value > const &  param,
std::string const   key 

Definition at line 238 of file TranslationRequest.cpp.

References m.

void MosesServer::SetContextWeights ( Moses::ContextScope s,
xmlrpc_c::value const &  w 

Definition at line 44 of file TranslationRequest.cpp.

References m, and Moses::ContextScope::SetContextWeights().

Referenced by MosesServer::TranslationRequest::Run().

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