MosesTuning::M2 Namespace Reference


struct  Annot
struct  Unit
struct  Edit
struct  Vertex
struct  Edge
struct  Info
class  M2


typedef std::vector< float > Stats
typedef std::vector< std::string > Sentence
typedef std::set< AnnotAnnots
typedef std::set< size_t > Users
typedef std::vector< UnitM2File
typedef std::vector< size_t > Row
typedef std::vector< RowMatrix
typedef std::set< InfoTrack
typedef std::vector< TrackTrackRow
typedef std::vector< TrackRowTrackMatrix
typedef std::set< VertexVertices
typedef std::set< EdgeEdges


const std::string ToLower (const std::string &str)
Edit operator+ (Edit &e1, Edit &e2)
Edge operator+ (Edge e1, Edge e2)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &o, Sentence s)

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::set<Annot> MosesTuning::M2::Annots

Definition at line 57 of file M2.h.

typedef std::set<Edge> MosesTuning::M2::Edges

Definition at line 130 of file M2.h.

typedef std::vector<Unit> MosesTuning::M2::M2File

Definition at line 66 of file M2.h.

typedef std::vector<Row> MosesTuning::M2::Matrix

Definition at line 111 of file M2.h.

typedef std::vector<size_t> MosesTuning::M2::Row

Definition at line 110 of file M2.h.

typedef std::vector<std::string> MosesTuning::M2::Sentence

Definition at line 27 of file M2.h.

typedef std::vector<float> MosesTuning::M2::Stats

Definition at line 25 of file M2.h.

typedef std::set<Info> MosesTuning::M2::Track

Definition at line 125 of file M2.h.

typedef std::vector<TrackRow> MosesTuning::M2::TrackMatrix

Definition at line 127 of file M2.h.

typedef std::vector<Track> MosesTuning::M2::TrackRow

Definition at line 126 of file M2.h.

typedef std::set<size_t> MosesTuning::M2::Users

Definition at line 58 of file M2.h.

typedef std::set<Vertex> MosesTuning::M2::Vertices

Definition at line 129 of file M2.h.

Function Documentation

Edge MosesTuning::M2::operator+ ( Edge  e1,
Edge  e2 

Edit MosesTuning::M2::operator+ ( Edit &  e1,
Edit &  e2 

std::ostream & MosesTuning::M2::operator<< ( std::ostream &  o,
Sentence  s 

Definition at line 51 of file M2.cpp.

const std::string MosesTuning::M2::ToLower ( const std::string &  str  ) 

Definition at line 24 of file M2.cpp.

Referenced by MosesTuning::M2::Annot::transform().

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