sapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job Member List

This is the complete list of members for sapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job, including all inherited members.

agenda classsapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job [friend]
bias_totalsapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job
check_sample_distribution(uint64_t const &sid, uint64_t const &offset)sapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job [inline]
ctrsapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job
done() const sapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job [inline]
fwdsapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job
job(Bitext< Token > const *const theBitext, typename TSA< Token >::tree_iterator const &m, SPTR< TSA< Token > > const &r, size_t maxsmpl, bool isfwd, SPTR< SamplingBias const > const &bias, bool const track_sids)sapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job [inline]
lensapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job
m_biassapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job
m_track_sidssapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job
max_samplessapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job
nextsapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job
nextSample(uint64_t &sid, uint64_t &offset)sapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job [inline]
rootsapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job
statssapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job
stopsapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job
workerssapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job
~job()sapt::Bitext< TKN >::agenda::job [inline]

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