Rule Member List

This is the complete list of members for Rule, including all inherited members.

Alignments typedefRule
CanRecurse() const Rule [inline]
ContainTerm(const ConsistentPhrase &cp, const std::set< const Word * > &terms) const Rule [protected]
CreateAlignments()Rule [protected]
CreateAlignments(int sourcePos, const std::set< const Word * > &targetWords)Rule [protected]
CreateAlignments(int sourcePos, const RuleSymbol *targetSought)Rule [protected]
CreateProperties(const Parameter &params)Rule
CreateSource()Rule [protected]
CreateTarget(const Parameter &params)Rule
Debug() const Rule
GetAlignments() const Rule [inline]
GetConsistentPhrase() const Rule
GetCount() const Rule [inline]
GetLHS() const Rule [inline]
GetNextSourcePosForNonTerm() const Rule
GetPhrase(Moses::FactorDirection direction) const Rule [inline]
GetProperties() const Rule [inline]
GetScope(const Parameter &params) const Rule [protected]
IsValid() const Rule [inline]
m_alignedSentenceRule [protected]
m_alignmentsRule [protected]
m_canRecurseRule [protected]
m_countRule [protected]
m_isValidRule [protected]
m_lhsRule [protected]
m_nontermsRule [protected]
m_propertiesRule [protected]
m_sourceRule [protected]
m_targetRule [protected]
NonTermContext(int sourceTarget, int factors, size_t ntInd, const ConsistentPhrase &cp, std::ostream &out) const Rule [protected]
NonTermContextFactor(int factor, const Word &word, std::ostream &out) const Rule [protected]
Output(std::ostream &out, bool forward) const Rule
Prevalidate(const Parameter &params)Rule
Properties typedefRule
Rule(const Rule &copy)Rule
Rule(const NonTerm &lhsNonTerm, const AlignedSentence &alignedSentence)Rule
Rule(const Rule &copy, const NonTerm &nonTerm)Rule
SetCount(float count)Rule [inline]
~Rule()Rule [virtual]

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