Moses::RuleTableLoader Member List

This is the complete list of members for Moses::RuleTableLoader, including all inherited members.

GetOrCreateTargetPhraseCollection(RuleTableTrie &ruleTable, const Phrase &source, const TargetPhrase &target, const Word *sourceLHS)Moses::RuleTableLoader [inline, protected]
Load(AllOptions const &opts, const std::vector< FactorType > &input, const std::vector< FactorType > &output, const std::string &inFile, size_t tableLimit, RuleTableTrie &)=0Moses::RuleTableLoader [pure virtual]
SortAndPrune(RuleTableTrie &ruleTable)Moses::RuleTableLoader [inline, protected]
~RuleTableLoader()Moses::RuleTableLoader [inline, virtual]

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