Word Member List

This is the complete list of members for Word, including all inherited members.

AddAlignment(const Word *other)Word
Compare(const RuleSymbol &other) const RuleSymbol
CompareString(const Word &other) const Word
Debug() const Word [virtual]
GetAlignment() const Word [inline]
GetAlignmentIndex() const Word
GetPos() const Word [inline]
GetString() const Word [inline, virtual]
GetString(int factor) const Word
IsNonTerm() const Word [inline, virtual]
m_alignmentWord [protected]
m_posWord [protected]
m_strWord [protected]
Output(std::ostream &out) const Word [virtual]
Word(const Word &)Word
Word(int pos, const std::string &str)Word
~RuleSymbol()RuleSymbol [virtual]
~Word()Word [virtual]

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