/disk4/html/www/moses/doxygen/mosesdecoder/moses/TranslationModel/UG/mm/tpt_pickler.h File Reference

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include "tpt_typedefs.h"
#include "num_read_write.h"
#include <cassert>

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namespace  tpt


uint64_t tpt::getFileSize (const std::string &fname)
void tpt::binwrite (std::ostream &out, char data)
void tpt::binwrite (std::ostream &out, unsigned char data)
void tpt::binwrite (std::ostream &out, unsigned short data)
void tpt::binwrite (std::ostream &out, unsigned int data)
void tpt::binwrite (std::ostream &out, unsigned long data)
void tpt::binwrite (std::ostream &out, size_t data)
void tpt::binwrite (std::ostream &out, unsigned long long data)
void tpt::binwrite (std::ostream &out, std::string const &s)
void tpt::binwrite (std::ostream &out, float x)
void tpt::binread (std::istream &in, char &data)
void tpt::binread (std::istream &in, unsigned char &data)
void tpt::binread (std::istream &in, unsigned short &data)
void tpt::binread (std::istream &in, unsigned int &data)
void tpt::binread (std::istream &in, unsigned long &data)
void tpt::binread (std::istream &in, size_t &data)
void tpt::binread (std::istream &in, unsigned long long &data)
void tpt::binread (std::istream &in, std::string &s)
void tpt::binread (std::istream &in, float &x)
char const * tpt::binread (char const *p, uint16_t &buf)
char const * tpt::binread (char const *p, uint32_t &buf)
char const * tpt::binread (char const *p, filepos_type &buf)
char const * tpt::binread (char const *p, float &buf)
std::ostream & tpt::write (std::ostream &out, char x)
std::ostream & tpt::write (std::ostream &out, unsigned char x)
std::ostream & tpt::write (std::ostream &out, short x)
std::ostream & tpt::write (std::ostream &out, unsigned short x)
std::ostream & tpt::write (std::ostream &out, long x)
std::ostream & tpt::write (std::ostream &out, size_t x)
std::ostream & tpt::write (std::ostream &out, float x)
std::istream & tpt::read (std::istream &in, char &x)
std::istream & tpt::read (std::istream &in, unsigned char &x)
std::istream & tpt::read (std::istream &in, short &x)
std::istream & tpt::read (std::istream &in, unsigned short &x)
std::istream & tpt::read (std::istream &in, long &x)
std::istream & tpt::read (std::istream &in, size_t &x)
std::istream & tpt::read (std::istream &in, float &x)
template<typename K , typename V >
void tpt::binwrite (std::ostream &out, std::pair< K, V > const &data)
template<typename K , typename V >
void tpt::binread (std::istream &in, std::pair< K, V > &data)
template<typename K , typename V >
char const * tpt::binread (char const *p, std::pair< K, V > &data)
template<typename V >
char const * tpt::binread (char const *p, std::vector< V > &v)
template<typename T >
T tpt::read (std::istream &in)
template<typename T >
T tpt::binread (std::istream &in)
template<typename T >
void tpt::binwrite (std::ostream &out, std::vector< T > const &data)
template<typename T >
void tpt::binread (std::istream &in, std::vector< T > &data)
template<typename K , typename V >
void tpt::binread (std::istream &in, std::map< K, V > &data)
template<typename K , typename V >
void tpt::binwrite (std::ostream &out, std::map< K, V > const &data)
template<typename WHATEVER >
char const * tpt::binread (char const *p, WHATEVER *buf)

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