lm::ModelBuffer Member List

This is the complete list of members for lm::ModelBuffer, including all inherited members.

Counts() const lm::ModelBuffer [inline]
Keep() const lm::ModelBuffer [inline]
ModelBuffer(StringPiece file_base, bool keep_buffer, bool output_q)lm::ModelBuffer
ModelBuffer(StringPiece file_base)lm::ModelBuffer [explicit]
Order() const lm::ModelBuffer [inline]
Sink(util::stream::Chains &chains, const std::vector< uint64_t > &counts)lm::ModelBuffer
Source(util::stream::Chains &chains)lm::ModelBuffer
Source(std::size_t order_minus_1, util::stream::Chain &chain)lm::ModelBuffer
StealVocabFile()lm::ModelBuffer [inline]
VocabFile() const lm::ModelBuffer [inline]

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