sapt::mmTtrack< TKN > Member List

This is the complete list of members for sapt::mmTtrack< TKN >, including all inherited members.

cmp(Position const &A, Position const &B, int keyLength) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN >
cmp(Position const &A, TKNconst *keyStart, int keyLength=-1, int depth=0) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN >
copySentences(std::ostream &trg, id_type start, id_type stop) const sapt::mmTtrack< TKN > [inline]
count_tokens(std::vector< count_type > &cnt, bdBitset const *filter, int lengthCutoff=0, std::ostream *log=NULL) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN >
endPos(id_type sid) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN > [inline]
find_first(TKNconst *startKey, int keyLength, bdBitset const *filter=NULL) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN >
find_next(TKNconst *startKey, int keyLength, Position startAfter, bdBitset const *filter=NULL) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN >
find_next_within_sentence(TKNconst *startKey, int keyLength, Position startHere) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN >
findSid(TKN const *t) const sapt::mmTtrack< TKN > [inline, virtual]
findSid(id_type tokenOffset) const sapt::mmTtrack< TKN > [inline]
getToken(Position const &p) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN >
getTokenAs(Position const &p) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN > [inline]
mmTtrack(std::string fname)sapt::mmTtrack< TKN > [inline]
mmTtrack()sapt::mmTtrack< TKN > [inline]
numTokens() const sapt::mmTtrack< TKN > [inline, virtual]
offset(TKNconst *t) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN > [inline, virtual]
open(std::string fname)sapt::mmTtrack< TKN > [inline]
operator[](id_type sid) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN > [inline]
pid2str(TokenIndex const *V, uint64_t pid) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN >
Position typedefsapt::Ttrack< TKN >
remap(std::string const fname, std::vector< id_type const * > const &f) const sapt::mmTtrack< TKN > [inline]
size() const sapt::mmTtrack< TKN > [inline, virtual]
sntEnd(size_t sid) const sapt::mmTtrack< TKN > [inline, virtual]
sntEndAs(id_type sid) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN > [inline]
sntLen(size_t sid) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN > [inline]
sntStart(size_t sid) const sapt::mmTtrack< TKN > [inline, virtual]
sntStartAs(id_type sid) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN > [inline]
startPos(id_type sid) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN > [inline]
str(id_type sid, TokenIndex const &T) constsapt::Ttrack< TKN >
Token typedefsapt::mmTtrack< TKN >
write_blank_file_header(std::ostream &out) const sapt::mmTtrack< TKN > [inline]
write_index_and_finalize(std::ostream &out, std::vector< id_type > const &idx, count_type tokenCount) const sapt::mmTtrack< TKN > [inline]
~Ttrack()sapt::Ttrack< TKN > [inline, virtual]

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